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Designer object for a luxury perfume concept
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Designer object for a luxury perfume concept

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Do you want to play a fundamental role in a team that creates an innovative luxury perfume concept?

Hi, we are an ambitious (French) start up founded to create a revolutionary product concept in the market of luxury perfumes destined for consumers and sold in high end boutiques. We have the intention to create a new product and brand from scratch.

We have observed two main consumer trends and we believe that the only way of unlocking them is by combining high tech innovation with the aspirational world of luxury products. If you share this philosophy with us, than you might be the right design partner for us. Unfortunately, due to the sensitive nature and intellectual property, we cannot share more with you. Obviously after we have signed an NDA we can explain everything in more detail.

So, what is it we are looking for?

Well, first of all the design partner would be responsible for designing the product (object), its philosophy, packaging and presentation universe and the consumables involved. When we say design, we do not look solely for ‘picture generators’, but designers that also add value by looking at the ergonomic, harmonic and other elements linked to the interaction between our target consumers with our products. Secondly the design partner will be part of our brand generation team and visual identity generating team. But that will take place in a later stadium.

And, what are the deliverables and timelines?

We are a start up. So deadlines are very tight. We expect the following phases:

Phase 1: Briefing and return on briefing including, translation to moods, forms and resulting in sketches of different design philosophies (2/3 weeks). This process is ended with a creative brainstorming and selection process

Phase 2: Generating of 6 designs that have more substance (3 weeks). We expect a full 3D representation as well as an argumentation of the philosophies behind the designs. The process ends with a short listing of 2 designs

Phase 3: Choice of the final design + development of the packaging and presentation universe (3 weeks)

How do we propose to work?

You will be working in competition. We have a decision moment for each step. We expect in your offer to detail us the price you charge for each step might you not be retained to work to the following step. In addition we expect to provide us with an envelope of total cost. We are open to all kind of financial propositions (fixed, variable).

Please show us your work so that we can see if it fits with our mental image. Thanks.

PS: we speak, read and write in French. We expect our oral exchanges to be in French!

Note de WD:
Deux designers sont déjà en contact avec le client.
Nous constituons donc une shortlist de 2 autres designers (agence ou freelance) à présentée au client.


Type de projet: design de produits , modélisation 3d
Localisation du projet : France | Rhône-Alpes
Délais du projet : Immédiat
Crédits nécessaires: 8
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