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I feel very fortunate in being able to link my passions with my work as I feel that there is the possibility of giving so much more on a professional basis when we believe in what we are doing. Originality is my main focus and each collection that I do, I like to bring a new and unique feel whilst still staying very true to the end consumer. I am a big believer in practicing what you preach which is why I am based where I am and why I spend a considerable amount of time testing product in the water and on the snow while staying up to date on trends, the market and environmental issues.


CLIENTS INCLUDE: Salomon (ski boots and helmets), Oxbow (surf fashion), Lost (core surf fashion), Choclo Project (ethical), O'Neill (technical outerwear), Amph (street fashion core brand for O'Neill), Cool Shoe (accessories and graphics), Decathlon (technical ski wear), SnowPulse (avalanche backpacks),

SENIOR DESIGNER FULL TIME - BILLABONG 2003-2006 (ski/snow outerwear), SALOMON 2000-2003 (in-line skate and surf project), O'NEILL 2006-2007 (ski/snow outerwear) EUROPE

FURNITURE AND INTERIOR DESIGN - Monroy Montero 1997-1998, Disenadores Asociados 1998-1999 - Chile, SOUTH AMERICA



season 2008/2009 / senior designer / Management of both men design team as well as designing a large part of collection. These products consisted mainly of the high end Gore Tex products and image pieces of the range and are seen above. Responsibilities also included construction of range, colors and fabric development, presentation of the range and evaluation of sales figures and forecasts with sales team and product manager, trims and catalogue development, brainstorming and product enhancement sessions with snowboard team. Travel included development trips to the far east, trade shows and product testing in Europe and the States and inspiration trips all around the world.


season 2007/2008 / senior designer / Management of both men’s and women’s design team, construction of range, colors and fabric development, presentation of the range and evaluation of sales figures and forecasts with sales team and product manager, trims and catalogue development and briefing for swing-tags and P.O.P. displays, brainstorming and product enhancement sessions with snowboard team and complete design of men's range.

O'Neill Navigation Jacket

season 2008/2009 / Navigation (GPS) jacket / it was a huge pleasure to be a part of such a revolutionary project. Wearable electronics have been a key element in the history of O’Neill outerwear and one of the reasons the brand is so well respected. My role was the integration of the technology into the design and functionality of the final product. I was also responsible for briefing the graphic designers so that the final product had a very clear graphic identity facilitating the functionality of the garments. The design language was coherent through all of the H division and certain details and lines made the products recognisable as a part of the series.

Amph - O'Neill

season summer 2009 Amph / designer / Amph was created by O’Neill in order to enhance the brands identity with a younger, more core, consumer. The product is cutting edge and high end with considerably less restrictions on pricing. As a purely design driven brand with a significant fashion influence Amph was designed to be showcased in concept stores that also exhibited the latest shoe designs and work from artists. I was the only designer invloved in this range and my role included product direction, consumer profile and product design. Product design also involved all-overs and placement prints as well as all new trims and molds. My responsibility also extended to size fitting and approval of fabrics and colors.

Salomon S-core

season SUMMER 2004 / S-CORE PROJECT / senior designer / Having revolutionised the surf harwear market, with the Salomon S-Core surfboard using a hollow construction and differentiating flex pattern, the objective was to carry this creditable image across to apparel coming up with a range that was strongly linked to the surfboard. I played around with many elements from the surfboard story such as the wire piece on the mask of the shaper, fibreglass and resin to make trims and a similar flex story on the technical products.


1999 / graphic designer / whilst working for a design agency called Signs and Designs in Bergamo, Italy I worked on some logo propositions for label of K2 called blood cells. The actual blood cells themselves and arteries became a source in inspiration as did the shape of a prescription pill.

Cool Shoe

graphic designer / As relatively new brand on the european scene with a history in footwear in the US Coolshoe is a brand that relies heavily on graphics and this is no exception when it comes to it's transition into clothing and accessories. In order to make a statement at this level the graphics played an integral role in the impact of the brand. You will examples of all over and placement prints with varying applications and techniques.


MOUNTAIN BIKE SHOE / senior designer / proven as the lightest skate on the market this mountain bike shoe was all about function. As the first shoe in the Mavic range it was imperitive that this shoe had could easily be recognised as a MAVIC shoe using key elements that define the brand and their unsurpassed bike rims. Transmission was another important feature in this shoe giving direct power from the leg to forefoot and pedal. Due to direct competition with Adidas this shoe was never released on the market.

R.O.L. designs

CORDLESS DRILL & DOMESTIC IRON / designer / whilst studying Industrial design at the University of Canberra I worked on a few projects for Ergonomics and useability were the main design elements for the ONZA corless drill incorporating the design lines of the battery pack to fit the shape of the hand and essentially the shape of the product. The domestic iron was influenced greatly by the shape and the habits of a mouse, busy but efficiently going about it’s business. The tail of the mouse eventually became the cord of the iron. Tech packs and 3D models were provided for these projects.


CUSTOM FURNITURE / designer / renderer / working for Monroy Montero in Santiago, Chile I was involved in several projects for several large companies ranging from a cafeteria to reception desks to work stations. Each project involved integrating a design into an existing space in order to create a homogenous environment.

Choclo project

season 2008/2009 / designer / yogawear / Choclo project is a brand that is totally devoted to health and wellbeing and that extends further than just the product. The goal with the clothing range was to be able to not only look great during your workout but to be also looking smart enought to go straight from class and go about your day whether that be meeting a friend for coffee, picking up your kids from school or checking the surf.