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de Natalia Gianinazzi

Designer industriel, Illustrateur freelance

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« J’ai trouvé avec Withdesigners un illustrateur qualifié extrêmement rapidement, c'est vraiment très pratique !»
Eric M., co-gérant de DAILY LOISIRS
« N’ayant pas de contact dans le design, je ne savais pas où chercher… »
Céline C., fondatrice de la marque DesPasRayés
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Designer, Illustartor, Artist

Long experience in the board/streetwear industry, but works as well for the fashion and interiors industry. Her mother language is italian but she speaks and works in french, english, german and spanish as well.

Taille de la structure : 1 salarié

Expérience : Sénior (plus de 10 ans)


2012 freelance designer; taking projects that involve concept, development and execution for collection concepts, moodboards, trim sheets, prints, allovers, illustrations and accessory design.
Kept developing the Gruesli project with a new range of products.

2008 - 2011 worked part-time as a graphic designer at Zimtstern. Involved in the conceptualization, development and execution of collection concepts, moodboards, trim sheets, prints, allovers, illustrations, accessories and interiors design.
Worked on freelance projects and kept developing the Gruesli project. Gruesli are the first plush to be auctioned worldwide by Christies (NYC), during the Pop Culture Auction.

2007, three months work experience in Mexico City with artist Carlos Amorales. Further develop-
ment of the Grüsli project.

2005 - 2007 worked as graphic designer at Design Studio Grand. Involved in the graphic con- ceptualization, development and execution of moodboards, trim sheets, illustrations, prints and allovers for various collections in the streetwear, snowwear and products business. Working for clients such as Burton, B by Burton, Ronin, Roxy, Westbeach, Quiksilver, Rossignol, Eastpak, Ecko Function, QWST, Vaude and more...
Kept working on the Grüsli project, Grüsli are shown in many international publications and are ex- hibited in different places around the world. Snowboard design for Salomon with a special edition of 50 “Salomonster” Grüsli that are sold together with the board.



A few samples of the work I did for Zimtstern in the 4 years I was working for the company


Snowboard Design