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Designer industriel, Agence de design, Webdesigner mobile

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« Ce fût rassurant d’avoir du conseil dans notre prise de décision. »
Victoire de R., chef de groupe chez Oxybul
« …un côté sur-mesure extrêmement utile. »
Vincent M., fondateur du restaurant « Mio Padre »
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Bonjour, je suis actuellement a la recherche de nouveaux challenges.

Taille de la structure : 1 salarié

Expérience : confirmé (3 à 10 ans)


Designer en freelance depuis 2 ans, j'ai collaboré récemment avec BMW DesignworksUSA et Pilotfish à Munich pour la création de produits électroniques et d'accessoires automobile. A Stuttgart, j'ai également fait équipe avec Silberform AG pour le développement de l'interface visuelle et tactile de la prochaine Porsche Panamera. De 2007 à 2011, j'ai évolué au sein de l'agence internationale Pilotfish à Taipei. De 2002 à 2006, j'ai beaucoup voyagé et travaillé pour différentes agences à New York (Smart Design), San Francisco (Studio Taktika), Amsterdam (Studio Jacob de Baan), et à Lille (Kyo Design). En 2005 j'ai reçu mon Master Degree of Industrial Design à l'ISD Valenciennes. Durant ces 8 dernieres annés, certains de mes produits ont reçu differentes recompenses et awards:
. Taiwan Excellence 2013
. IDEA Finalist 2013
. Red Dot Design 2012
. IF Computex 2011
. IF Product Design 2011
. IF Product Design 2010
. Good Design 2008
. Label Observeur 2005
. Selection VIa 2004
. Design for Europe finalist 2002



The PA690 is the latest computer/scanner developed for the taiwanese leader Unitech.

More than 50% of the mobile computing/scanning devices users are female, but almost 100% of those devices are designed with considering the male users only. Most of mobile computers are too wide for the female hands, making their tasks even harder.

The PA690 is the first real unisex industrial mobile computer/scanner that is friendly to finger touch interactions.

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Challenging a customer that makes its first step into the over-crowded cell phone industry is not an easy task. The briefing constraints were: high end feeling with competitive retail price.
The navigation area was designed to visually create a "bridge" between the display and keypad. Despite most cell phones on the market, the screen and the keypad are not surrounded by a frame, as if the typical "soap bar" silhouette was sliced on the two extremities making the phone more slender and elegant.


IF Product Design Award 2010
IF Computex Award 2011
Pocketable industrial PDA with ID barcode scanner. Ideal for sales men running between suppliers and customers. Thanks to its business card clip, you can easily input new contacts data. The Unitech PA550 is the right balance between ruggedness and elegancy for a highly efficient pocketable computer.

Altigen iFusion

The first integrated communications docking station for iPhone.
The iFusion utilizes Bluetooth technology to extend a traditional telephone handset and hands-free speakerphone with amazing voice clarity to the iPhone to meet the requirements of today's business consumer.
The patented design of the dock allows any iPhone (with any protection skin) to be plugged in.
You can install the Altigen iPhone application to get the full iFusion Professional Network experience.

Kyo Design, Christophe François

Design for Europe 2002 award
Observeur du Design 2005 award
The story started in 2002 during my internship at Kyo Design. Christophe François asked me to design an outdoor furniture that will be presented to the international competition "Design for Europe". After defining my own topic, "eating and relaxing in outdoor environment", I conceptualized the Kasane to respond to its own environment related issues and its end-user expectations: Wind, Rain, Sun, intimacy, coziness and modularity.